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Introducing My Unique Story

Anicee's Unique Story

We are proud to announce the first video in our brand new video series My Unique Story. My Unique Story offers a view into the lives of ordinary people finding themselves in very extraordinary situations. Our first story is of an incredible 12 year old girl named Anicee. She is truly an inspiration and it was an honor getting to know her and hear her story.

Over the next few months we will be releasing several videos sharing amazing stories like Anicee's. so please stay tuned. If you think you or someone you know has an incredible story that should be shared, please send us an email: ricky@uniquemm.com. We would love to hear from you!


Featured on Fix It Home Improvement

The folks over at the Fix It Home Improvement podcast mentioned us on their most recent episode. If you've never heard the show you should check it out! They have some really great tips and it's a lot of fun to listen to. You can hear the episode HERE.

May 22, 2015


Score free samples with Pet Paw-Looza!

I'm excited to announce that we're hosting an AWESOME giveaway with great folks at Sampler called "Pet Paw-Looza"! The event is hosted on Facebook and runs all of next week, but we're being highlighted on Monday (May 25th). To learn more about how the event works, check out the tab on our Unique Pet Facebook page. Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

May 22, 2015


Pesticides: it's what's for breakfast. Wait, what?

Pesticides: it's what's for breakfast. Wait, what? Here is a compelling video on the pesticides that we intake everyday! Plus, it's a great way to catch up on your Swedish! 

April 30, 2015


New Pet Facebook Page!

Because we love our pets as much as you do, we figured it was time to create a Facebook page specifically devoted to our favorite furry family members!

Hop over to Facebook and like our brand new Pet Page to plug into activities, contests, interesting articles and pretty much everything related to our pet community!

You're going to start seeing a few changes around here. We're growing pretty fast and to make sure that everyone is feeling taken care of we're separating the way we interact with our community. Let's be honest, most RV enthusiasts aren't really concerned with super cute pet pics and vice versa. Okay, maybe everyone loves super cute pet pics, but that's probably the exception and not the rule :)

Either way, we're going to do our best to make sure that our peeps are only hearing about the things that are important to them, so keep an eye out for these changes as they happen. Thank you for being such an awesome group of believers in Safe Products That Work!

We're in good company!

We had a nice mention in Pet Business Magazine It's great to see so many brands taking an interest in safe, natural products! Thanks guys!


We've come a long way...

It's hard to believe there was a time when we were using these labels! We have come a long way!



I guess it's kind of cool that we've been around long enough to see this many changes. Don't let these labels fool you though by thinking we've been in business since 1968... we've been going strong since 1987!