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Careers | Unique Manufacturing & Marketing Careers

We’re changing things.

Around here you’ll find crazy smart and talented passion-seekers who take life by the horns to build, grow, improve, and have fun doing it! We are on a mission to help friends and families create memories together - and we’re serious about doing better than anyone else! We’re growing fast and looking for thoroughbreds who want to unleash their talent and RUN with us! Every day is an opportunity to do big things and we are looking for like-minded people who are ready to make a difference. Think you have what it takes?

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Our Mission | Unique Manufacturing & Marketing
Our Mission

Work That Matters

Every day we show up with the clear mission to help families and friends make lifetime memories together through products and solutions that remove frustration as well as experiences that leave a lasting, positive imprint on their lives.

Core Values

Unique Manufacturing & Marketing provides practical and effective solutions for our customers so they can spend less time struggling and spend more time thriving.

Team Icon

We are a team, not employees

Excellence Icon

We shoot for 110% in everything we do

Family Icon

We balance family and working hard

Fun Icon

We’re here every day, so let’s have some fun

Self-employed Mentality Icon
Self-Employed Mentality

We take responsibility like we own the place

Share the Success Icon
Share The Success

We give credit where credit is due

Support Icon

We support and build-up each other

No Gossip Icon
No Gossip

We shine our light on the goodness in people

Responsibility Icon

We know our actions affect others, so we do our best in everything

Momentum Icon

We know that small, focused intensity over time leads to big changes

Never Give Up Icon
Never Give Up

We are always moving forward

Share In The Story Icon
Share In The Story

We’re on a mission that matters


How We Care About Our People

Every day we’re getting better. Our products improve, our systems improve, and the way we care for the people inside our walls is ever-improving. We know that our people make the difference, and we do our best to pour into their lives because we appreciate them - and because it’s the right thing to do.

Benefits | Unique Manufacturing & Marketing

4-Day Work Week Icon

4-Day Work Week

Around here, full time is 32 hours. That means you get 52 extra days each year to do whatever brings you joy!

Health Insurance Icon

Health Insurance

We’ve got you covered!

Paid Time Off Icon

Paid Time Off

Full time, part time, salary, or hourly - everyone gets paid time off!

Casual Dress Icon

Casual Dress

No stuffy offices, ties, or pant suits around here!


Life At Unique Manufacturing & Marketing

At Unique Manufacturing & Marketing we believe that people working together, with a shared goal of excellence, can do HUGE things. That’s why we try to work together whenever we can in our Denver, Colorado offices. The majority of our team members work in the same building and we personally invest in our fellow team member’s lives - personally and professionally.

Our Hiring Process

We believe that shared vision and personal drive, combined with visionary leadership, is the secret sauce for success. That means we MUST have the right people in the right seats on the bus. Because of this, we put a tremendous amount of effort and time into finding partners that share our goals and values. Our hiring process starts with a call from the recruiter, followed up with (several) calls with team members, then an in-person interview with a hiring leader. Our process takes time, but it’s worth it! We want to make sure we love the people we work with, and we want you to feel like everything is a perfect fit for you when you join our team!

Hiring Diagram | Unique Manufacturing & Marketing Hiring Diagram | Unique Manufacturing & Marketing


We’re a fast-growing team on a mission to leave things better than we received them! Join us!

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