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When to pump your septic

Unique Natural Products makes septic treaments, additives and cleaning supplies.  Our goal isn't to keep you from pumping your septic system, but rather to keep your system running optimally between pumpings. Check out our website for a septic pumping chart that estimates your pumping schedule.  Also, don't forget the regular maintenance.

Amorphophallus titanum

Septic systems remind me of Amorphophallus titanum.  Once you get past the awful name (if you understand the latin, I'm sorry) this giant flower has many things in common with your septic.  They both smell awful (though only your spetic tank should smell), and they are both delicate flowers.  Your septic system needs particular environmental factors to grow well, just like the titan arum.  Also just like a giant flower, you should be fertilizing your septic.  I use that term loosely, but you should be using Unique Natural Products' septic line of products to help your septic grow and flourish.  Also remember that everything you put down your drains goes to your septic.  You wouldn't water a flower with bleach, so why put bleach down your drains.  Unique offers a full line of cleaning products that allow you to keep that system running well and your house looking great.

The on-site water treatment option

Why is Unique so set on developing a septic system line that gives you all of the septic system essentials?  It's because we understand just how important your septic system is.  Your septic is an on-site water treatment plant.  It takes care of you by filtering, and detoxifying your waste water, so take care of it in return and stick to a good maintenance and dosing schedule.  Keep your septic tank happy and you will be happy.

Unique's fresh new septic system line

Here at Unique, we understand the importance of proper septic system mainenance, careful septic care and and the use of specially formulated additives.  Because of that, Unique will be releasing new products in our septic line.  As far as consistent dosing goes you will not be able to beat our new septic enhancing puck. It doses every time you flush. Everything from your tank to your laterals will thank you.