July 02, 2016


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What We Do

We make safe products that work. We would never try to sell you something we don't stand 100% behind. If we wouldn't buy it, we wouldn't sell it! It's as simple as that. Users of our products should have complete confidence knowing that we won't release any sub-par products but you don't have to take our word for it. See what users are saying. Got an idea for a product we don't currently make? Let us know!

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How Our Products Work

When you throw a banana peel on the ground it eventually disappears because bacteria and enzymes break it down and turn it into carbon dioxide and water. Yep, a little thing called Biodegradation! This is what our products do, just really fast! Science!

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Return Policy

100% Refund If You Aren't Completely Satisfied! Pretty awesome, eh?!

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The on-site water treatment option

Why is Unique so set on developing a septic system line that gives you all of the septic system essentials?  It's because we understand just how important your septic system is.  Your septic is an on-site water treatment plant.  It takes care of you by filtering, and detoxifying your waste water, so take care of it in return and stick to a good maintenance and dosing schedule.  Keep your septic tank happy and you will be happy.
Hunter Holmes
Hunter Holmes


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