Why Vacuum Stores?

Vacuum stores are known for providing second-to-none customer service. There is nothing like being able to talk to an actual human about your actual human problem and know that you will get a reliable, trustworthy solution. In our experience, we at Unique have found that vacuum stores are one of the best places to find these reliable, trustworthy solutions.  

Vacuum stores are also known to carry the highest quality products to fit your needs. If they know it might not work, a vacuum store won't carry it, it's that simple. It is this commitment to carrying only high quality products that makes us feel so honored that we are one of preferred products for odor & stain solutions in vacuum stores across the US.  

In the end, it only made sense to join forces between the unmatched customer service experience provided by Vacuum stores and Unique Manufacturing & Marketing's highest quality cleaning products. See for yourself, click below to find a vacuum store near you!