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Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator


My family, which includes 4 young children, 2 dogs (1 a puppy), and 2 aging cats, discovered Unique pet odor & stain eliminator in our search for a product to remove the odor of cat urine from our carpeting. We figured that, if this product was supposed to work in kennels and on skunk odors, it was worth giving a try. It got put away in our pantry for a while and forgotten about, but I am very glad that we found it again. It was the first cleaning product that really made a difference for us, and we'd tried everything!! One of our older cats regularly has "accidents" on our floor and it was getting really bad. We have been treating the spots with the Unique product and it has made a huge difference! We plan to use the product with a carpet extractor to clean the rest of our house, but it has worked wonders on the spots that we have treated by hand. Once we found out how good the product works, we've been using it on all of the "accidents" in our house. We feel that it is safe, even with all of our pets and kids around. When we ran out of the quart container that we had, I drove all over our city to every place I thought they might carry the product. I drove more than 50 miles trying to find more. Finally I called the company, and they were extremely helpful in directing me to the nearest location that it was carried. They even followed up when a new shipment was delivered in our area. We found it at an Ace Hardware by the carpet cleaners that they have for rent. It is a fantastic product and the company has wonderful customer service. We would recommend it to anyone.

- Terry in New Mexico

I am really looking forward to receiving my order of the Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator. I purchased some at my dog trainer's facility last week and was totally amazed with the product! After we got our puppy, the 13 year old cat decided to stop using the litter box - on my brand new carpet! I have tried everything that I could find and the smell kept coming back. "Bob the trainer" suggested I try this product and wow! I really have to try to smell it now. I purchased more so that I can go over the carpet a 2nd time and totally get rid of it. Thanks for a great product!

- Anne


I have a puppy and I also have a house completely full of white carpet.  That little guy had his fair share of accidents and I tried EVERYTHING!... this was the first product that actually got rid of the old stains that were just hanging around.  My carpet actually looks like it did when we first moved in.  Thanks Unique Manufacturing!

 - Kayla

I had to write you and let you know about an unfortunate incident last night.  As you know, I am an owner of a very small dog or rather he is the owner of me!  J  Last night he woke me up with a sick tummy.  I thought I had caught him in time but unfortunately, he had thrown up in an area that my sleepy eyes did not see until this morning.  Well, as you can imagine (especially if you’ve owned pets before), the stomach acid of these guys is pretty darn yucky and stubborn.  I was heartbroken because it had soaked through my duvet cover and onto my feather bed cover.  It looked as if I would have to throw away my bed cover and the duvet looked just awful. 
I remembered watching you demonstrate the Unique product on the rugs and wandered whether it would work.  With nothing to lose, I worked on the duvet cover first which can be washed and dried in the dryer.  The results were nearly immediate on most of the stain.  My duvet is “WHITE” so if was wonderful watching the stain simply disappear.  Only one area was resistant to letting go of the stain, and I followed the instructions of putting a warm cloth on it and the remainder of the stain was gone within an hour.
The feather bed cover is not supposed to be washed however.  I figured the worst is that I would have to throw it out which is what the dry cleaner said I may need to do anyway with that type of a stain.  I transferred some of the cleaner into a spray bottle as you instructed and carefully worked only the stained area trying hard to not over saturate the comforter too much.  To my amazement, every bit of the stain dissolved and the comforter is now outside air drying in the sunshine.  By the end of the day I should be able to tell whether getting the area wet was harmful to the comforter, but I figure ducks get wet all the time so what is the big deal with a tiny bit of dampness.
Thank you so very much for offering such a wonderful product.  You can bet I will be telling everyone I know about it and how to contact you so they can get some too.  Have a wonderful day and weekend!
- JoJo

I am writing to thank you and to tell you that this hockey family is absolutely thrilled with your Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator. Our eight year search for the product that would actually eliminate, and not just mask, the odor and bacteria in our son's goalie equipment, came to end the day we first used Pet Odor & Eliminator. And we are not the only one's relieved by this breakthrough product-everyone who comes in contact with our son's hockey equipment as he travels the country can breathe a huge sigh of relief, especially airline, hotel and rental car personal. Most important though, is the peace of mind we as parents have had since we've found a product that actually eats the bacteria that used to touch our son's skin!  And the effects are long-lasting: We treat his gloves, pants, and chest pad the day before he leaves town and when he returns after three to four days of travel, where his equipment is often unable to completely dry out, it is still smell-free! We have had great success using 3/4 Cup of Odor Stain & Eliminator in our front-loading washing machine. We hang the gear up 

indoors so that it doesn't dry out too quickly, thereby giving the product enough time to do its big job. It's simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, and the wonderful effects are long-lasting!

Thanks again for a Unique product that has really changed our hockey lives!


Wine Stain Eater

Hey people!! I have to say that I am most amazed by this product. A friend of ours last night bumped the table that was harboring a large glass of red wine - all over the pale beige carpet it went. I first applied salt and lots of it. This recovered quite a bit of the stain. Then the task of cleaning the rest of it was not something I was looking forward to...ugh. I remembered that I had a bottle of the 'WINE STAIN EATER', from the Ace Hardware we used to own, in a cabinet. I put this stuff on the stain - and within a matter of minutes is was gone...TOTALLY GONE!!

I have used many of the Unique products from the time they were marketed to us...but had yet to use this particular product! I am most impressed! Great Job everyone!

I will definitely be ordering more... I also passed your website onto the "accident-prone" friend. Just thought you should know. Thanks again.

- Laura in Michigan

Unique Complete Odor and Stain Eater

After a year and a half of trying to get the perfume out of my leather jacket, using every perceivable product (natural, chemical . . . including ozone for months at a time), I was unsuccessful.  My friend turned me onto your product (Unique Complete) and two applications and two days later the perfume was gone.  To be sure I check two days later and the perfume did not resurface.  
Thank you so much.
Athletic Equipment Odor and Stain Eliminator
As equipment manager at a large high school of over 2000 we have always struggled getting the odor out of the kids hockey equipment. We started using the Unique Athletic Odor Eliminator for our hockey equipment two years ago and our problems have been solved. It worked so well I brought some home to use on my son's and daughters own equipment.

Mark VanderWoude
Phy.Ed. Teacher/Coach/Equipment Manager
Burnsville Senior High School

RV Digest-It

Your product is the best. We’ve lived in our 1976 Franklin Coach for 3 years and have found that the Unique RV Digest It Concentrate dissolves all holding tank waste and there is no odor from the toilet or sinks.

We tried other products before finding Unique, and none of them conquered the sewage smell, and we like the NO ODOR, NO COLOR liquid you use.

The savings is also a BIG factor. Your product only takes 2oz. per tank cleaning. All the other products were 4oz. or more! We never want to use anything else, so please stay in business.

- Shar in Texas

I bought RV Digest-It in Quartzite, AZ this last winter. It worked great. I ran out and started using Thetford’s drop-in packets, and the system plugged up in two tank fulls. Also, the sensors are now showing full all the time. Thanks for a good product that works.

- David In Utah

I have been so pleased with your product ever since I found it by accident in a Camping World. Since my home is on a septic tank I have found it has kept me from having to have the black water pumped every six to eight months.

- William in Missouri

I recently purchased an RV with a completely clogged black water tank, it had been left full at the beach for months and so all of the liquid had evaporated. We thought that surely the tank would have to be replaced. I did a search on line and came across your product and thought it would be worth a try. I poured the entire quart in the tank and left it for a week, keep in mind that the trailer could not be moved so no sloshing around in the tank could take place, it just sat there. When I came back I added more water and pulled the valve and could hear the contents draining, music to my ears! What a relief! We are hooked on Digest it and now use it regularly. 

- Vince in
 North Carolina

Super Digest-It

Your Super Digest-It is beyond belief! Never before has my tub drain run so quick and clean. Never again will I go back to harsh chemicals.

- Mary in Maryland

Just wanted to let you know how great your product is.  I live in Arizona and have a swamp (evaporative cooler).  Our spider gets clogged all the time with the hard water and I usually have to change pads once a month.  This summer (May-November) I used the Super Digest-It product once in June and have only had to change pads once (due to storm) and the spider is free and clear.  I have save $60 so far with one quart of Digest.  I buy Unique from Ace Hardware.  I really had to search for it as it was not in the heating and cooling aisle.  Found it in the plumbing.  The next product I plan on trying is the Carpet Shampoo.  Keep up the good work.
-Katharine in AZ

Grime Eater

Hi! I first got introduced to Unique Grime Eater last year. Let's face it. barbecues and grills get greasy! And cleaning them is a chore!

Unique Grime Eater is one of the most honest, hard-working products available. I LOVE how it almost instantly goes to work liquefying grease and grime in and on my barbecue. The fact that it contains no harsh chemicals, and is safe to use around people, pets and plants is also a bonus.

I love introducing my friends to Unique Grime Eater, and then hearing how much they love it too.

This is a GREAT, EARTH FRIENDLY PROUCT THAT WORKS!  It's safe and easy to use.  Spray it on full strength, or add it to a tub of warm water and let the grimy stuff soak in it for a bit. Whatever you want to de-grease will come out clean as a whistle with just a little scrubbing.

I'm a big fan of Unique Grime Eater, and the entire family of Unique products. You'll be doing yourself and your customers a favor by carrying this incredible line of Earth Friendly products.


Bruce Bjorkman

Host of Cooking Outdoors With Mr.Barbecue

Marine Digest-It

Unique Marine Digest-It is the only product you’ll need for unclogging, maintaining, and deodorizing: head and holding tanks, bilge areas, and clogged/slow running drains in your boat. Marine Digest-It will also eliminate fish oil and blood from the deck and will keep holding tank sensors clean and working. Not only is this a versatile and effective product, but it is environmentally friendly, using natural bacteria and enzymes to break down and eliminate waste and odors.
- CruisingCompass.com

My name is Terry and I manage RV World Campground, an RV Park in Wyoming.  We have our own sewer treatment facilities and our evaporative lagoon was turning dark and experiencing odor problems.  
It was not responding to the aerators and the odor was becoming a problem to our customers.
The owner suggested that we try Unique and I dosed our system.
Within 2 days the entire treatment system had begun working better, the lagoon changed color, and the odor problem was eliminated.  
I now recommend Unique to all of our customers and stock it in our RV store.
-Terry B.

Septic System Digester


Upon using your product, Professional Strength Septic System Digester, I had to write to tell you that the results were phenomenal. I received a quote of $9,600. to have a new septic system installed. Talking to Don, at Unique Company, he recommended the application of the Unique Septic System Digester before investing in a new and costly system. The problem with my existing septic system was very poor and next to no drainage. The septic tank contractor said I needed a new system to remedy this. In talking this over with Don at Unique I was willing to try his remedy first – two quarts of Septic System Digester at about $12 per quart. Don said I only needed one but I thought I could put in two to be safe. My septic system, within three days was working again and two weeks it was like new! Within three days I didn’t need to single out the use of a dishwasher or washing machine or shower, etc. and no backup at all. Due to Don’s Unique product I saved many thousands of dollars. I also talked to Don’s daughter Julie who was very informative about the product. I just wanted to write to thank you so very much for your product. It has saved me thousands of dollars investing in a new system. I highly recommend it and have told many about it.

- Joe

I recently tried your Unique Septic System Drain Cleaner and I had to let you know how impressed I was with it. Having a slow bathtub drain, I tried the baking soda and vinegar treatment with no luck. Actually it made it worse. It took a whole bottle and a week of treatments to get it running again, but it works great. I had my doubts at first and I thought I would have to call a plumber. But as per the instructions on the bottle I got it to work great. Thank you.
- Mary Kay