Super Digest-It Usage Instructions


- Shake Well -

Super Digest-It will not harm septic tanks. In fact, it will actually benefit your septic system by
infusing healthy bacteria into the system to aid the digestion process.

Clogged Drains & Sump Pumps
Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into standing water and let sit. Drain should be completely open in 1 hour.

Slow Drains
Best if done at bedtime. Plug drain and fill basin half-full with warm water. Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into water. Let sit for 30 minutes. Open drain. Do not use for 6 hours. Repeat if necessary.

Regular Drain Maintenance
Pour 1/2 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT down each drain once a month. Your lines should run freely without backups.

Descaling Toilet Tank
Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into toilet tank (not bowl) at bedtime and leave overnight. Flush toilet in morning. Repeat every 2 weeks as needed. 

Grease Trap Maintenance
Pour 1/2 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT down drain every day at closing.

Clogged Swamp Cooler
Pour 1 quart SUPER DIGEST-IT into circulating pan and let circulate through system.

Soda Fountain & Air Conditioning Lines
Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into pan. Let sit overnight then completely flush with water.

Hot Tub
Fill hot tub, with water, until all the jets are covered. Make sure the temperature does not get above 100 degrees. Pour a pint of SUPER DIGEST-IT into the water and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, turn on all the jets for 5 minutes. Then turn off the jets and let everything sit for 1 hour. With the same water repeat the entire process.