Septic System Digester Usage Instructions


- Shake Well -
Each month use 8 ounces (1 cup) of SEPTIC SYSTEM DIGESTER for every 1,500 gallons of capacity. Mix into 2 Quarts of warm water and flush through toilet or drain farthest from septic tank.
Standing Water
If your septic system is completely backed-up and standing water is present, please use UNIQUE SEPTIC FIELD REJUVENATOR before you consider digging up your septic field.

Backed-Up And Slow Drains
For backed-up or slow drains, please use UNIQUE SUPER DIGEST-IT safe drain opener. It is safe for septic systems and will actually aid in the normal waste removal process.
Disinfectants, cleaners, chlorine, and acids will slow down or kill the good bacteria that keep your septic system operating efficiently. SEPTIC SYSTEM DIGESTER will restore and boost the bacteria in your septic system to ensure it works properly.