RV Digest-It


How Much RV Digest-It Should I Use In My Holding Tank?

On the initial treatment Unique recommends pouring 4 ounces of the RV Digest-It into the holding tank. After the initial treatment, empty the tank and use 2 ounces of product. If the holding tank is used heavily and the RV Digest-It is not completely eliminating the odors use 4 ounces instead of the 2 ounces. After that the odors should be completely gone.

After dumping the tank, do not flush with water. The remaining liquid contains healthy and active bacteria that will continue working. Do not flush with water.


Will RV Digest-It Work In Cold Weather?

Absolutely! The only issue would be if the contents in the tank are frozen solid. If that is the case, there may be a bigger issue at hand and outside help would be needed.


How About Hot Weather?

Since the bacteria used in the RV Digest-It is a living organism it works more efficiently in an ideal climate. If the holding tank reaches temperatures above 110 degrees, the bacteria will slow down and not work as effectively. If this issue arises, Unique recommends purchasing a bag of ice and placing the ice into the holding tank. This will allow the bacteria to once again work properly.


Should I Use Rv Digest-It In Both My Black And Gray Tank?

Yes, however be mindful that when using the RV Digest-It in the gray tank heavy usage of antibacterial products (soaps, tea tree oil, even toothpaste) will slow down and possibly kill the bacteria. If these products are being used it may take a couple applications of the RV Digest-It to clear away those products so that the bacteria has a habitable environment to work in.


Will This Product Clean My Sensors?

Sensors are a huge problem for RV owners and yes the RV Digest-It will clean them.

Here are a few scenarios to be mindful of:


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