RV Digest-It | Holding Tank Treatment


Only $.67 per dump!*

RV Digest-It is considerably less expensive than the leading chemical toilet treatments.

 Why use smelly, dangerous chemicals when you can use premium, natural RV Digest-It
and outperforms chemicals for a fraction of the cost?


Unique's advanced blend of waste-eating bacteria are unrivaled in their ability to restore dirty tank sensors, eliminate tank odors, and liquefy waste in your gray and black tanks. Your customers deserve the best!


Say goodbye to embarrassing tank odors and clogs with formaldehyde-free RV Digest-It. Now you can travel comfortably!


Unique's proprietary cleaners are designed and manufactured in their Colorado plant using American Made components and contain no harsh chemicals or scary additives which means they're completely safe for your family, pets, and septic systems.

* Average cost per dump for customers using RV Digest-It 128 oz.