Marine Digest-It


How Much Tank Treatment Do I Need To Use In My Boat?

We recommend treating your Black and Gray tanks after each dump.

  • Black Water Tank: Pour 2 ounces Marine Digest-It per 10 Gallons of holding tank capacity down the toilet after each tank dump.

  • Gray Water Tank: Pour 1 ounce Marine Digest-It per 20 Gallons of holding tank capacity down the sink drain after each dump.

Here is a quick-glance guide to help you measure the amount of Marine Digest-It you need to use in your boat holding tanks:

Marine Digest-It Black Tank Treatment Amounts
40 Gallon Tank (or Less) - 8 ounces after each dump
41 - 80 Gallon Tank - 16 ounces after each dump
81 - 120 Gallon Tank - 24 ounces after each dump

Marine Digest-It Gray Tank Treatment Amounts
40 Gallon Tank (or Less) - 4 ounces after each dump
41 - 80 Gallon Tank - 8 ounces after each dump
81 - 120 Gallon Tank - 12 ounces after each dump

How Do I Unclog My Boat's Holding Tank With Marine Digest-It?

If you are experiencing clogs or back ups in your holding tanks you can open those tanks without paying a service tech to manually clean them out.

  1. Pour 8 ounces of the Marine Digest-It per 40 gallons of tank capacity into your tank through the toilet
  2. Pour several gallons of water down your toilet (preferably warm water)
  3. Let sit for 12 - 16 hours
  4. Dump your tank


Can I Clean My Bilge With Marine Digest-It?

Marine Digest-It will digest and eliminate oils, greases, and odors that are often present in bilges. To use: Mix 1 cup of the Marine Digest-It with 5 cups of warm water in a pump up sprayer. Then spray the premixed solution evenly on the bilge. Keep the area moist for 24 hours or until it is clean.

Can Marine Digest-It be used to treat my shower sumps?

Yes, Marine Digest-It is a great solution for cleaning drain lines and sumps that can become clogged or run slowly due to backups from soap, shampoos, greases, and oils.

Please Note: Marine Digest-It will not eat hair. However, the reason why hair clogs drains is because grease or grime from soaps, shampoos, and body oils, collects along the walls of drain lines and catches hair as it runs down the pipe, thus clogging the line. Marine Digest-It rapidly digests the contaminates on the pipe walls eliminating the debris, leaving nothing for the hair to cling to so it can simply wash away.

Often a line will run slowly because hair has attached itself to the drain cover, plunger, or stopper in your sink or tub. Simply pull the hair off to allow the water to drain normally.

If there is still no sign of improvement, the hair may need to be removed manually. We recommend using a small drain cleaning tool to remove large amounts of hair, like this one. Once the hair is removed, the bacteria will be able to eat away anything that the hair might stick to.

Is Marine Digest-It Safe For The Environment and Water?

Absolutely! Marine Digest-It's highly concentrated, non-toxic blend of safe bacteria contain no harsh chemicals and no scary additives, which means no possibility of harm to your family or pets or the environment.

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