Marine Digest-It


How Much Marine Digest-It Should I Use For A Clog?

We recommend pour 8 ounces of the Marine Digest-It down your toilet, followed by 3 cups of warm water. Let it sit in the toilet for 30 minutes, then flush it. During those 30 minutes in the toilet, the bacteria is growing and reproducing. That means by the time it is flushed the bacteria will have had enough time to multiply, so it can coat the drains. In that way the bacteria should eat away whatever is clogging the pipe and will continue to keep it clean.  

How Much Marine Digest-It Should I Use In My Tanks?

Will It Clean The Bilge?

The Marine Digest-It will clean this as well. We recommend mixing 1 cup of the Marine Digest-It with 5 cups of Warm Water in a pump up sprayer. Then spray the premixed solution evenly on the Bilge. Keep the area moist for 24 hours or until it is clean.

Can It Be Used On Shower Sumps?

You can indeed. However keep in mind the Marine Digest-It will not eat hair. However, the reason why hair clogs drains is a grease or grime forms along the walls of a drain and as hair drains it will stick to the grime on the walls and create a wall of hair. What the Marine Digest-It does is eat away the grime on the walls and once there is nothing for the hair to cling to, it will simply wash away.

If there is still no sign of improvement, the hair may need to be removed manually. What is recommend is to use a small hair removal snake such as a Flexi-Snake. Once the hair is removed, the bacteria will be able to eat away anything that the hair might stick to.

Will Marine Digest-It Hurt The Water Or Environment?

Absolutely not. The Marine Digest-It is made with all natural ingredients, with it’s key ingredient being non-pathogenic bacteria. It’s more powerful than acidic drain openers, but safe enough for skin. It’s a great combination.  Matter of fact, when the owner of Unique Natural Products, shows Marine Digest-It to consumers he dips his finger in the bottle and wipes it on his shirt to prove its safe.

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