Flat Don Contest


From December 15th to June 1st we are running 3 seperate competitions to see who can:

  1. Take a picture of Flat Don the farthest from the Unique Natural Products Headquarters
  2. Decorate their Flat Don with the most flair and style
  3. Take a picture of Flat Don in the most creative / crazy location. i.e. The Oval Office
Curious about WHO Don is? Find out here.

To Win:

  1. Get your Flat Don (what is a Flat Don?) with every order of RV DIGEST-IT from www.uniquemm.com or you can request a Flat Don by emailing flatdon@uniquemm.com
  2. Make sure you have your Flat Don with you everywhere you go. As you travel, take pictures of you (or a friend) with Flat Don and upload them to Facebook and tag the photo to the Unique Natural Products fan page. No Facebook? You can e-mail the photos to us at flatdon@uniquemm.com and we'll post them for our fans to see.

Here's What You Win:

1. Furthest Flat Don From Unique Natural Products Headquarters

Whoever gets a picture with Flat Don at the furthest location from Unique Natural Products Headquarters will win a $500 gas gift card.  The photos must include a landmark or some distinguishing factor that can confirm your location. And NO PHOTOSHOPPING! (Okay, Ricky didn't really take his Flat Don to Mars... with his RV. It was Photoshopped.... which you shouldn't do!)  

2. Best Decorated Flat Don

If you think Flat Don needs a hat, or candy cane, or even an orangutan, go for it! The best decorated Flat Don according to our voting committee, will receive $120 worth of product for FREE!

3. Most Unique Flat Don Location

Take a photo of Flat Don in the most unique location according to our voting committee and you'll be the winner of $120 worth of product for FREE!

How To Submit Your Photo on Facebook:

  1. First, make sure you have liked our Facebook Fan Page (Unique Natural Products)
  2. From your Facebook page click “Add Photos” (near the top of the page)
  3. Click “Upload Photos/Video” 
  4. Click “Choose File”
  5. Find and select the photo you want to upload
  6. Next, tell us under “Say something about this” where you were located in the photo
  7. Click post
  8. Then click the photo
  9. On the right side of the picture, click “Tag Photo”
  10. Tag “Unique Natural Products” somewhere on the photo.  
  11. You have now been entered in the contest, and by the way, there are no limits to entries, enter every day if you’d like!

Other Contest Details