When it comes to culture we have a few ground rules.

It's all about Family.

We believe that people of all types can be considered part of our Unique Family and that our products, attitudes, environments and culture should reflect how deeply we value them. And by the way, we don't draw the line between customers and Partners. The way we see it, we're all part of the same family looking for innovative, effective and safe alternatives to use in our homes. We wanted great products so we decided to make them!

Let people be creative.

We strive to create an inspiring, creative, inclusive, transparent and innovative workplace where people share common values and the goal to make life better through safe products that work.

Believe in our Partners.

We value all Partner's ideas and encourage them to be innovators across all divisions and boundaries.

Make awesome products.

We would never try to sell you something we don't stand 100% behind. If we wouldn't buy it, we wouldn't sell it! It's as simple as that. Users of our products should have complete confidence knowing that we won't release any sub-par products. Got an idea for a product we don't currently make? Let us know!