Complete Odor and Stain Remover Ready To Use


Will This Product Bleach My Fabric?

 No, it will not bleach any fabric. Complete is made with all natural ingredients, with it’s key ingredient being non-pathogenic bacteria.

How Do I Mix This Product?

The Complete Ready To Use is actually formulated premixed. That means at the time of purchase it is ready to be used, directly, on any stain.

I Thought Bacteria Was Harmful, How Can Your Product Be Safe?

Some bacteria is harmful, however the bacteria used in the Complete is not. The key is we use Non-pathogenic bacteria, which means, “not harmful to humans or animals.” Non-pathogenic bacteria is used in many everyday products such as milk and yogurt. However, Unique strongly suggests that it should not be consumed.

Speaking Of Which, What Is An Organic Stain?

An organic stain is anything that is found naturally in nature. In other words, it isn’t man-made. For example, non-organic stains can be from certain types of inks and dyes (i.e. Sharpie). If you are uncertain if the Complete will work on your stain, give our Customer Service a call at 1.800.476.1608

Will This Remove Red Wine Stains?

Yes, it will and any other difficult organic stain. Complete not just removes stains, but the bacteria in it will actually eat away the stain. That means once the stain is gone it is completely gone.

What If My Stain Isn’t Listed On The Bottle?

Unfortunately because of space constraints we can’t list out all the stains that Complete can get rid of. As long as the stain is organic Complete will completely remove it.

**IMPORTANT** We don’t recommend leaving the carpet wet for more than 24 hours. If needed let the area completely dry and then apply a second application. **IMPORTANT**