Carpet Shampoo


How do I mix Unique Carpet Shampoo?

Which carpet extractor machines work with Unique Carpet Shampoo?

Unique Carpet Shampoo will safely work with any and all extractor machines. It will not only work great on carpets, but it will not leave a buildup of residue in the extractor. That means little to no clean up for the extractor.

What if my extractor has two compartments?

If the carpet extractor has two compartments (one for water and one for the shampoo) mix 4 ounces of the Carpet Shampoo per 1 Gallon of warm Water and add the mixed solution to both compartments. It’s important to add it to both compartments because it gives the bacteria time to activate in the extractor, otherwise the bacteria won’t activate until it is in the carpet.

I used your product and there is still a stain, what's the deal?!?

Since Unique's Carpet Shampoo uses living bacteria to do all the cleaning there are certain scenarios that can reduce their efficiency.

Please see the following scenarios:

I thought bacteria was harmful, how can your product be safe?

Some bacteria is harmful, however the bacteria used in the Carpet Shampoo is not. The bacteria used is non-pathogenic, which means, “ not harmful to humans or animals.” Non-pathogenic bacteria is used in many everyday products such as milk and yogurt. However, Unique strongly suggests that it should not be consumed.

Can I Use Carpet Shampoo On My Wood Floors?

The Carpet Shampoo can be used on wood floors, however too much liquid can damage a wood floor. Therefore mix 10 cups of warm water to 1 cup of product and apply it to the problem area on the hardwood. Leave the product on the stain for an hour and then dry the spot with a towel. If the stain is not resolved, reapply a second application.

I own a restaurant, why use Unique over other products?

Please consider the following:

Your product is awesome, and I just have a need to tell the world, how can I do that?

Well besides buying a whole bunch of bullhorns and hiring millions of people to stand on every street corner in the world singing our praises, you can do few things:

  1. Post a review on our Google+ page and we’ll give you a discount on your next purchase (

  2. E-mail us your testimonial, and we will do our best to get it out there (

  3. Tell your local stores that you love the products and that if they aren't carrying them, already, they should contact us! (800.476.1608)

**IMPORTANT** We don’t recommend leaving the carpet wet for more than 24 hours. If needed let the area completely dry and then apply a second application. **IMPORTANT**